Digital Scholarship

As we develop our platform, we have created a workspace for new scholarship on Haitian art. Central to building the HADC platform is a continued engagement with scholars from various academic disciplines. Our partners provide insight during the production and share information about Haitian art and visual culture.  We have established ties with multiple individuals and organizations through the HADC Digital Lakou. HADC is creating a digital sandbox environment that invites visual analysis and discussion of the art. This will provide an opportunity to develop a new perspective on appreciating Haitian visual culture. HADC will engage pedagogies in library science, museum studies, cultural studies, and Black studies.

Through outreach and user engagement of the Digital Lakou Sandbox, we foresee the HADC website, including the findings and digital analysis of various entities showcasing meta-development in Haitian art and visual culture. Further, we aim to connect to a growing field of art history, with the belief that expanded resources and data will permit a more rigorous study of Haitian art, attached to new exhibitions and publications. By providing a place where scholars, art professionals, and the public can engage in the peculiarities and brilliance of Haitian art, we aim to broaden our understanding of Haiti in our contemporary world.