Pierrot Barra (b. 1942-1999) / Untitled, date unknown / Sculpture / WCA Collection

Photographing sculptures also presents complications within the field of Haitian art. Within Waterloo’s collection, there are several types of sculpture, including an extensive collection of metalwork (see Metalworks tab). For sculptures appearing in the round, taking photographs from multiple angles is essential. Many of the works we photographed, such as sculptures by Pierrot Bara or works by the Atis Rezistan collective, used found objects and eclectic imagery to create sculptures that are both vibrant and, at times, confrontational. Like the Drapo (see Drapo tab), attention should be paid to lighting, while documenting such sculptures in the round. Scale may also play a factor when staging the photography of a sculpture.

It is important when photographing three-dimensional objects to take photos from multiple angles to document the entirety of the piece. Above is a sequined bottle by Pierrot Bara, photographed every 90 degrees. This process ensured the documentation of all the imagery on the bottle.