Ethical Concerns

The HADC guidelines focus on developing a database that looks at information with care and ethics and aims to build a database that connects to research and expanded presentations of Haitian art. Among our ethical concerns are challenges presented by copyright as it pertains to Haitian art. HADC is a project that includes the digitization and, therefore, reproduction of artwork. HADC does not make any claims to ownership of the materials it hosts and serves in its platform. All HADC partners uphold copyright standards related to their institution. During the March 2020 workshop, copyright issues were at the forefront of discussion. 

Currently, we are determining the scope of copyright law and protections that HADC and all participating collections must adhere to so that copyright holders have their artwork protected. With many Haitian art pieces created by unknown artists and resold in international markets, the copyright owner is often excluded, making it even more difficult to cite Haitian artwork. Of great concern are inequities within the art world that often leave Haitian artists disenfranchised, often devoid of claimed rights to their images. In building a database and lexicon that centers the Haitian artist and Kreyol, we aim to rectify such inequities and discuss them with honesty and commitment.