Through funding and support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Green Family Foundation Trust, HADC will host a collective of individuals and organizations involved in creating and sustaining digital resources on Haitian art.

  • Adrienne Chadwick
    • Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, Director of Community Engagement
  • Allenby Augustin
    • Centre d’Art, Executive Director
  • Amy Galpin
    • Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum @ Florida International University, Chief Curator
  • Carleen Vincent – Robinson
    • Florida International University Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs, Asst. Dean
  • Chawne Paige
    • Waterloo Center for the Arts, Interim Director / Curator
  • Claudine Michel
    • Haitian Studies Association / Journal of Haitian Studies, Executive Director / Senior Editor
  • Edouard Duval Carrie
    • Artist
  • Edward Gessen
    • Haitian Art Society, President
  • Elizabeth Andrews
    • Waterloo Center for the Arts, Registrar
  • Elizabeth Pierre-Louis
    • NEH partner – FOKAL, Executive Director
  • Elizabeth Rodrigues
    • Grinnell College, Associate Professor, Humanities & Digital Scholarship Librarian
  • Erol Josué
    • Bureau National d’Ethnologie, Director / Hougan
  • Eve Mangurten
    • Haitian American Museum of Chicago, Collection Specialist
  • Fayola Nicaisse
    • Haitian Cultural Arts Alliance, Chairwoman and COO
  • Frantz Voltaire
    • Centre International de Documentation et d’Information Haïtienne, Caribéenne et Afro-canadienne (CIDIHCA), Founding Director Archivist / Curator
  • Fredo Rivera, Co-PI
    • Grinnell College, Asst. Professor of Art History
  • Haitham Eid
    • Southern University at New Orleans, Director of Museum Studies Program
  • Irene Brisson
    • Louisiana State University College of Art+Design, Asst. Professor of Architecture
  • Jerry Philogene
    • Middlebury College, Associate Professor of Black Studies
  • Jean Daniel Lafontant
    • NEH partner – Na-Ri-Veh Temple, Principal Curator / Serviteur
  • Joanna Robotham
    • Tampa Museum of Art. Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art
  • Kantara Souffrant
    • Milwaukee Arts Museum, Curator of Community Dialogue
  • Kimberly Green
    • Green Family Foundation, Founder/President
  • Lee Rainboth
    • NEH partner – San Da Jakmel, International Programs
  • Legrace Benson
    • Arts of Haiti Research Project / Konsamba, Professor Emerita / Director
  • Marie Vickles
    • Perez Art Museum Miami, Director of Education
  • Mark Christel
    • Grinnell College, Director
  • Melissa Mohr
    • Figge Art Museum, Director of Education
  • Mikhaile Solomon
    • Prizm Art Fair, Founder and Director
  • Mireille Charles
    • Green Family Foundation, Executive Director
  • Patrick Bellegarde-Smith
    • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Professor Emeritus of African & African Diaspora Studies
  • Peter Haffner
    • Centre College, Assistant Professor of Art History
  • Petrouchka Moise, Co-PI
    • Grinnell College Asst. Professor / Cultural & Community-Based Digital Curator
  • Richardson Moise
    • Independent Researcher
  • Sabine Malebranche
    • Société d’Aménagement et de Développement (SODADE), Director of Urban Studies
  • Stephen Arboite
    • Artist
  • Yvena Despagne
    • Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, Curator-at-Large

For their support and commitment to the HADC project, we would like to give a special thanks to …
National Endowments for the Humanities
Green Family Foundation Trust
Waterloo Center for the Arts
Grinnell College
Office of the President
Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Office of Admissions
Donald And Winifred Wilson Center For Innovation & Leadership
Center for the Humanities
Burling Library
GC Museum of Art
Art History Department